Monday, May 1, 2017

Baju Raya, Milo Tarik & Happy Labor Day!


Since, we are 27 days to Ramadhan, I had been looking for Baju Raya at Masjid Jamek yesterday with my friends. It was awesome day since I had not been there for quite sometimes. Still remember, Masjid Jamek is one of my favorite place when I was in foundation, CFS, Petaling Jaya (in 2010 - 2011). Yesterday I made it happen again with all the same people, Ain Wardah, Mazlida and Wahi. You know that they are my close friends since CFS.

Then, we decided to eat at Ara Damansara for lunch. I had my Ayam Penyet for RM9.90 with Milo Tarik for RM2.80, but it was not Milo Tarik though. Hahaha. I ordered that drink for the sake of wanna taste how the Milo Tarik is but it is just the normal Milo ais. 

The Ayam Penyet at food court Evolve Mall was so yummy

Happy Labor Day to all of the workers out there. Now I know how hard to get the money :') Let's reward ourselves with a good day and may all of us get all of the motivation after this appreciation

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